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Good Good Talks

Aug 10, 2018

“The potential that women have is so crazy huge and amazing and strong.”

You can feel and know this statement is so true from Joanna because of who she is and how she holds this truth to its highest by founding and leading Yellow Co. In this episode, Joanna shares her story of Yellow Co., how it all began and what she is doing now to daily celebrate and stand beside the women in her life.

A little background: Yellow Co. is a company that is all and only about collaboration not competition between women and the good they are doing in the world. It’s an every day company with an inspiring platform and annual conference that has not only encourages me but thousands of other women. And Joanna started it all.

Y’all don’t want to miss this interview with Joanna. She’s the real deal of grittin’ it and daily celebrating herself and women, and her words are ones you have to have to hear.

So, grab your cup’o’joe and let’s chat, shall we?


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