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Good Good Talks

Dec 23, 2018

Grit it Girl has two more episodes before Season 3 comes to a close, and I am more than excited to have my friend Hannah on as one of those closing convos. 

Hannah is only 22 and already gritted through some good, some hard, some painful stuff, always with keeping Jesus as the center.  

"It's okay to say out loud, this is hard but good. It's okay to say this is really hard and this is really painful, but this is really good. And it is being used for God's glory. Joy and grief are not exclusive. 

With her new rhyme, "What my God calls me the will walk me through," Hannah is full of wisdom and faith. So enough with the typing- let's chat, shall we? 


Oh- but I don't want to forget- if there are two things you should get from this convo, it's this:

"God’s calling on your life is not an accident. He didn't mess up. It’s not a typo."

"Tell people when they’re doing a great job. say it out loud, to their face, on purpose."

Hannah has some good words y'all. So grab that cup'o'joe and let's chat it out. 

Get connected with Hannah, her oil business and just some fun insta stories all in all: 

@hannahrubsam + @oilywifelife1

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