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Good Good Talks

Oct 13, 2018


“It comes down to trusting that who we are is good and is more than enough.” - kirsten 


Grit it girl just took a pause y'all- we are back! And Kirsten's interview is one for the books. We chat all about grit and everything in between. Kirsten has so much wisdom and good words about why a sabbath, why grace and why it’s necessary to grit it and celebrate others at the same time. 


So, you know the drill. Grab a cup'o'joe, your headphones or whatever it is you need and let's chat, shall we?

“Someone else’s success does not take away from my own successes.”-kirsten 

You can find Kirsten and her podcast on Instagram @kirsteneason + @adultingwhatsthat.

And if you wanna join the conversation, you can find Good Good Talks, join the Facebook group or check out our insta pages: @goodgoodtalks + @gwenn_lynn