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Good Good Talks

Dec 29, 2017

2018 will be here before we know it, and I cannot WAIT for all that it will bring (or what I am hoping it will bring!). Today I talk about my new years lists of hopes and dreams for the coming 365 days of 2018. I may or may not reminisce about the last two years and dream about the new year rolling in, hopefully leading y'all to start some dreaming of your own. Guys, the Lord has been too good to me the last few years, and I know my last two Januarys of planning and dreaming and praying like heck, opening my hands instead of clenching my fists shut on my future plans, have been the reason He has done all He has done- with none of my power but all of His. So, grab your coffee, snuggle up ( especially if you're anywhere the midwest and onto the east coast because man is it cold out there), and join me for my 10th Chip Chat here on the good ole' Good Good Talks. Lets chat, shall we?


See ya soon.


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