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Good Good Talks

Jul 27, 2018

“Be a good co-pilot. Don’t be lazy. Do the work. Because at the end of the day, Jesus has the steering wheel, but what are you doing, as the passenger, what are you doing to enjoy the ride with Hi?"

Comparison and hurts and frustrations as a woman at 24 is alllll what Maddie and I chat about in this interview. This is where I want the conversations on Grit it Girl to go. This is what we need to get out in the open. This is what we need be talking about- comparison, competition, how our culture has engrained those ideas in our hearts and how that ain’t what Jesus wants for us.

“Do the hard work and swallow the pill that Jesus loves her just as much as He loves you.”

"And it all starts in your confidence in your Creator."

Y’all don’t want to miss this conversation with Maddie. So- let’s freaking chat, shall we?


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