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Good Good Talks

Oct 27, 2018


Y'all- Molly has a heart of GOLD. And yesterday was her birthday so I HAD to get this podcast out just in time to celebrate her and her story, her wisdom and her grace. Molly has so many good words on balancing life in the tension, gritting it in the surrender and holding on for dear life and how it is all just the push and pulling of growing into who we were created to be.


SO. Grab that cup'o'joe or those headphones or just take a quick hour drive.... and hit play on this bad boy. Cause you don't want to miss Molly and her heart.

Let's chat, shall we?


Go wish Molly a happy birthay @missmollymb!



The podcasts mentioned on today's episode:

Stephanie May Wilson: Girl's Night 

Emily P. Freeman's: The Next Right Thing podcast

Stephanie Lynn: Good Good Talks, Grit it Girl with Kirsten Eason


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