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Good Good Talks

Feb 16, 2018

Guys. I first just need to say thank you. I love this community more than I can handle.


Okay- enough of that- what's today's Chip Chat chatting it up about today? Well- I share what I am loving, what I am learning and what I really really want to punch in the face. A few hints? I'm loving all the things John Mark Comer, learning how the heck to even budget, and what do I want to punch in the face? Well- you'll hear real soon. So, gals, dudes, whoever you are, let's chat, shall we? 


Oh- and don't you dare forget your coffee. 

See you soon.


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All things John Mark Comer.

Marco Stinkin' Polo.

Hannah Brencher $5 Budget Sheets


Y'all- I wanna connect with you!

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