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Good Good Talks

Jan 19, 2018

Y'all- I've done 23 episodes so far on this thing. Is that crazy to anyone else?!

But, back to the real show notes, my whole being values honesty and vulnerability and truth to the point that I share my heart before weighing what's sacred and what's not- because to me, everything should be shared, good bad and ugly, right? Well, from my last week of ups + down and everything in between, I've been learning that God may whisper a few dreams, a few words or a whole bucket of truth into your ear, not for others to hear, but for you to hold sacred, between just you and Him.

So how does this connect to me and you? Well, I guess you'll just have to grab your cup'o'joe, your earbuds or however the heck you listen to Good Good Talks, and join this learning experience with me.


Let's chat shall we?


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