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Good Good Talks

Mar 23, 2018

Don't miss this episode yall. First and foremost, you get to meet two of the coolest people I know. Second, you'll finally get an update into why the heck I took last week off, and I promise, you wont stop laughing with Mads, Kins and myself. 


Grab a cup of coffee, maybe be ready to adjust the volume a time or two (we...

Mar 9, 2018

Guys- if you don't know Jamie Ivey, go check her out! Jamie is half the reason I got into this podcasting thing, so to saw it was a dream to interview her is an understatement. I honestly had to re-listen to the recording because I could not remember what we chatted about, and really all you need to know is this: Jamie...

Mar 2, 2018

Is it really March already? Dang people. 2018 is flying by.

Anywho. Y'all- today's chip chat is one for the books. I actually have never shared so much of my opinion on this podcast as much as I did on today's episode and my only prayer is that whoever is listening can hear my heart through it all. Really, I'm just...