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Good Good Talks

Dec 22, 2017

With this season all about building community and reaching out to new people, I am so beyond excited for y’all to meet Katie Bulmer because, First: she was my first ever “I don’t know you yet/just now meeting you on the phone,” interview, and, Second: she reached out to me and I LOVE that we crossed paths. Katie has an amazing ministry with college age girls, speaking at a buncha different campuses and selling her first ever book, while raising two kiddos and writing another book all at the same time. I can’t wait for you guys to hear Katie’s heart for girls in and outside the sorority life of college, hear what she is learning and loving and celebrating and everything in between. Grab a cup o’ joe and get cozy babes, this is gunna be a good one. Let's chat shall we?
Y’all can find Katie and her book on her website,, and on Instagram
And ps. Katie's last name? I think I mispronounced it several times. So forget about me and remember all of her wise words.
See ya soon.
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