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Good Good Talks

Sep 15, 2017

On this week's Chip Chats I am riding solo again, and y'all do I have a bunch to process with you. Good Good Talks is making next week the end of the first season, and I share a whole lot of where I dream and hope and pray this podcast can be and go as I take this break in-between seasons. I need to rest and figure out my own shiz in my own personal life (which you'll hear about, no worries there) but I also want to refocus and narrow in on where Good Good Talks is going, and finding ways to truly use this platform of good conversation for good things to happen, truth to be shared and giving practical ways in which we all can take steps towards support one another in our every day lives- one podcast at a time. So sit back, grab an extra cup'o'joe or two, and please please please give me all the feedback. I want YOU to be apart of this thing, okay?

See ya soon.