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Good Good Talks

Aug 4, 2017

I tried recording this episode a total of 7 times. And it did not turn out the way I expected. It turned out even better. But not because of me one bit, but because the Lord came in and said, don't talk about that, talk about this. So I hope "this" can speak to one of y'all today. Pretty much the expectations of the outside world, whether that's inside the 4 church walls or filling up the Starbucks on 6th street, can throw a load on our shoulders that we don't even realize we have been dragging all their lies and fears for far too long. And in this episode, I talk about what expectations have kept me form pursuing all the Lord has and wants from me, how I found freedom in it all, and one simple truth I want every listener to the from today's episode. Y'all grab a big cup of coffee for this one. And maybe even your comfiest sweatshirt and jeans. Because being comfy, good freaking coffee and hearing truth go real dang well together. See ya soon friends.