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Good Good Talks

Jul 14, 2017

Y'all. This here is an interview with my brotha from the same motha, and I am STOKED. It is so fun to have people join me in this podcast, especially those that know me best. We take more than a few trips down memory lane, talk about taking steps and how every yes we say is also a no to something else, and that our past is like a wake...well- you'll understand that one once you start listenin'. WOW I love you guys and I love my brother and I love that I get to introduce him to you folks. So, grab a cup'o'joe and join us this morning, day, evening, whatever it may be, for this brother sister conversation that may have no meaning other than the fact that it has some good laughs and two-three cameos from my dear father himself. Seriously- thank y'all for joining. See ya soon?