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Good Good Talks

Jun 30, 2017

This episode? Definitely already one of my favorites. Can I even have favorites when every interview is one of my favorite people? Probably not, but still, this one is one for the books guys. Allie Crume, my good friend from the midwest, came to visit me while I was home in Illinois a few weeks back and man did we hit the jackpot in conversation topics while recording this baby. We talked from traveling and studying abroad, to the enneagram personality test, to Abraham Lincoln and how much we miss him (you'll definitely have to listen if you want that last chunk to make any sense to ya). So grab your coffee, your headphones or your to-go cup and join Allie and I on this week's episode of Good Good Talks.

You can find my lovely friend Allie over on her blog at or her instagram @allieylak_5. Y'all can catch me over on, @gwenn_lynn + @goodgoodtalks on Insta as well!