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Good Good Talks

Jun 16, 2017

WHOA! This is my first ever conversation/interview/real podcast thing for Good Good Talks, and I am SO stoked to have Kendahl be the person to share this first with. Honestly guys, half the time we sound like 17 year old girls trying to remember people's names from the past and blabbing about our favorite shows on Netflix and reminiscing about the good ol' days, but that's real conversation and that's the beautiful thing about it. So if you haven't already, grab some oreos or gluten free cookies (whichever you're feeling, but we all know the truth), a cup o' joe and join Kendahl and myself for some good convo. Thanks for joinin' friends.


And here are ALL the things and people we talked about today on the show: @CauseBox, @HannahBrencher, @kendahlthrockmorton, @hellolovehandmade,