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Good Good Talks

Jan 27, 2019

"I'm just taking a really hard look at the places in my life that feel really tough- because it enables me to ask myself, 'Man, does this fall into the category of joyfulness and abudant life in Christ?' and if it doesn't then maybe it's something I can let go of...something I can prune away..."


Y'all- it's about time...

Dec 23, 2018

Grit it Girl has two more episodes before Season 3 comes to a close, and I am more than excited to have my friend Hannah on as one of those closing convos. 

Hannah is only 22 and already gritted through some good, some hard, some painful stuff, always with keeping Jesus as the center.  

"It's okay to say out loud, this...

Dec 9, 2018

15 minutes of pure brain-dump thoughts and quick little updates of where Good Good Talks is headed next. 


Y'all- you deserve all the love and applause for still hanging out with me over these last few months.


Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening. Gold star for errybody. 

So- you know the drill- let's...

Nov 19, 2018

Gospeled centered grit is all I have to say about Rachel because heck- she makes you want to love Jesus and share Him at every turn, no matter what it looks like. Rachel has such a heart for Jesus and such a heart for leading women to His Word and Truth, and I cannot WAIT for y'all to tune in to this chat with...

Oct 27, 2018


Y'all- Molly has a heart of GOLD. And yesterday was her birthday so I HAD to get this podcast out just in time to celebrate her and her story, her wisdom and her grace. Molly has so many good words on balancing life in the tension, gritting it in the surrender and holding on for dear life and how it is all just the...